• Becoming a Vegan: Why You Should Switch to Vegan Toothpaste

    When was the last time that you went shopping and checked what were the ingredients used to make the product that you are buying?


    Probably you have not.

    But, really you should; because most of the products nowadays contain disease-causing-ingredients, toxins, animal fats that are harmful to human health, and animal prints - products like toothpaste.


    Did you know that regular toothpaste contains harmful substances? For instance:


    1. Fluoride – Although sodium fluoride is an FDA approved substance, researchers have proven that fluoride can cause fluorosis, a condition where there is a discoloration and spotting of the tooth enamel.


    2. Artificial Sweeteners – You would not believe it, but most of the toothpaste contains artificial sweeteners such as:

    • Sorbitol – A substance responsible for keeping the toothpaste dry; surprisingly, this substance is considered as laxative to children.

    • Saccharin – Another sweetener that is found to have a significant link to brain tumors, bladder cancer, lymphoma, and more.

    3. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) – Did you know that SLS are known as one of foaming agents? Sadly, you can find this ingredient with most of the toothpaste, which can cause Canker Sores and even cancer too.


    4. Artificial colors – If you have not noticed, your toothpaste may contain harmful artificial colors that can cause a migraine, hyperactivity, cancer, and more.


    5. Propylene glycol – This active ingredient is responsible for keeping the cosmetic products soft, which is also found to have a possible link with the central nervous system, heart, and liver problems.


    Fortunately, vegans have better ideas on replacing these dangerous products.
    Several vegan activists have been pointing out that there are several products that are used every day that contains harmful ingredients; which, in fact, is true.


    The advocacies of becoming a vegetarian are not limited to keep everyone from eating food and using products that are derived from animals, but to keep the animals from being slaughtered and mistreated and to reduce animal prints in all forms of products.


    So, the next time you went shopping, it is wise to purchase products that are vegan based, especially when it comes to toothpaste.


    Why purchase cruel-free vegan toothpaste?


    1. It is safe

    The ingredients used to produce vegan toothpaste are all natural; no animal fats were used to, nor were chemicals added to produce these remarkable toothpastes. So, if you are starting to become a vegan, you need to choose vegan-based toothpaste.


    2. Reduces the risk of having oral cancer

    Again, the regular toothpaste consists of chemicals that are usually linked to oral cancer; however, if you try to switch your current toothpaste to vegan-derived one, having cancer is slim.


    3. Better oral health

    One of the noticeable health benefits of using vegan toothpaste is having a better oral health since there are no animal fats or bone ashes that were used nor chemicals were added. So, the next time you plan to buy toothpaste, you should definitely use vegan toothpaste.


    Final Thoughts

    Living as a vegan is not always based on the food that you eat, but, it is also based on the products that you use. So, if you are starting to become a vegan, try to read vegan-focused reviews and blogs for more information.

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